on Mar 24, 2011

Un progetto ironico e geniale di Jared Wunsch e Hans Johnson. Le stampe si possono acquistare online  ma la cosa più divertente è inviare le proprie submission e vedersele pubblicate sul sito. Altri esempi dentro al post. UPDATE: si può scaricare gratis l’app per iPhone da qui.

An ironic and brilliant project by Jared Wunsch and Hans Johnson. The prints can be purchased online but the funniest thing is to send your own submission and see it published on the site. Other examples inside the post. UPDATE: You can download also the iPhone app for free.

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  1. mentorlog
    24 March 2011

    Great letters :)

  2. chelsea
    24 March 2011

    where can the prints be purchased online?

  3. Andrea Berretta
    25 March 2011

    hi chelsea, you can buy the prints on Etsy

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  5. fajas colombianas
    25 March 2011

    An epic win from the titanic !

  6. Hiyaa
    26 March 2011

    None of these say “please”

  7. Sam
    26 March 2011

    No offence, but why the hell would you buy the prints? its called microsoft word and a printer XP

  8. Tony
    26 March 2011

    Totally agree with fajas, the Titanic one is hilarious.

    @Sam – Kind of an ignorant comment on your part; next time, keep those comments yourself. These cannot be made using an ordinary computer setup. Look carefully and you’ll see that the paper is of high quality and the text is engraved into the paper (not just cheaply done on some stupid inkjet). Look at the Etsy site for more detail. It’s kind of like when you print a “card” on the computer rather than buying one.

  9. anon
    26 March 2011

    Ah i see.

    1) Steal a meme from the internet.
    2) Make like you invented it and print them.
    3) ????
    4) Profit.

  10. Takin Care of Bisnass
    26 March 2011

    1st step: Steal Underpants
    2nd step: ……
    3rd step: Profit!

  11. Anon Ymous
    27 March 2011

    Actually, they were probably made on a typewriter on some cheap but heavy bond paper. Yes, they were probably from or some such site. But, if people are willing to pay for prints of these, then all the more power to the thieves for being smart enough to charge for them.

  12. john jacob jinlgeheimer schmidt
    28 March 2011

    Oh man, I think all of’em were pretty funny

  13. CatherineO
    28 March 2011

    Dear world wide famous Sokoblovsky Farms,

    Dad wants to know how you got the giraffs so small…


  14. Flor Olivo
    30 March 2011

    hahahaha awesome post.

  15. farrell
    30 March 2011

    These are wonderful.
    @Anon Ymous~I’m sorry to disagree with you, but I would say that these were not made on a typewriter on some cheap but heavy bond paper. It looks like letterpress on a very good quality paper. It is not thieving to charge for something beautifully made. :)

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    30 March 2011

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  17. Bert Oleander
    31 March 2011

    Dear Mentos,

    Was it good for you, too?

    Diet Coke

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  19. Brett Bags
    1 April 2011

    Titanic. Is it too soon?

  20. Johanna
    1 April 2011

    Dear Mark and Anon Ymous

    It’s called free enterprise. Perhaps you’re just annoyed because you’re not profiting from the idea …
    Don’t be such Debbie Downers.
    And yes, I think they are wonderfully funny.


  21. Andrea Berretta
    1 April 2011


  22. a fan
    2 April 2011

    Dear Disney,
    I used to think you were an evil empire hell bent on world domination through an oversaturation of the family movie genre. But now that I’ve gotten to know you, you’re actually not that bad.
    Sincerely Marvel Comics.

  23. a fan
    2 April 2011

    Dear DC Comics

    If you keep treating me like I don’t matter I will take my business elsewhere.

    Sincerely Continuity.

  24. Mark
    2 April 2011

    Dear modern day printer,
    Compared to the above examples, the written word created by you looks utilitarian, sterile and boring.
    The old-school typewriter ;)

  25. Zen Clandestino
    2 April 2011

    Fantastic Letters XD

  26. Tim
    2 April 2011

    Very funny
    @farrell I agree with you. Using a letterpress is a dying art.

  27. CJ
    2 April 2011

    Dear OJ,
    I told you I was a total bitch.


  28. jd
    2 April 2011

    someone would actually pay for one of these? ummmmmmm ok.

  29. blue
    2 April 2011

    Dear Cookies,

    Thanks for making my life easier.

    Sincerely, The Darkside.

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  31. MacIntyre
    4 April 2011

    Dear Right Hand,

    Quit leading me on.


  32. Jayyy
    4 April 2011

    Dear Rose,

    I kinda forgot to mention I have narcolepsy.


  33. MacIntyre
    4 April 2011

    Dear Left Hand,
    This just isn’t gonna happen.

  34. Jayyy
    4 April 2011

    Dear host,
    If only I was long enough to get some dual action. Just getting the right hand is growing old.

  35. Andrea Berretta
    4 April 2011

    Dear purple grape,
    Sincerely, green grape.

  36. George Bush
    4 April 2011

    Howdy Chelsea …

    I bought so many of these online from tax payers money. Then one day this Pakistani kid told me .. hey Buhsy! what the hell do you keep buying these online. You can just print them on white house stationary. Its better to waste white house stationary than tax payers hard earned moolah!


    GW Bushy!

  37. Noah
    5 April 2011

    Here’s one the should be here:
    Dear Titanic,
    Om nom nom.

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    6 April 2011

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  40. Davi-May
    6 April 2011

    Dear Nuclear Regulatory Commission

    Nuclear power.

    Now What?

    residents of Japan

  41. Dan
    6 April 2011

    Dear Brick,

    I love you too!


  42. Dan
    6 April 2011

    Dear Nintendo Gamecube,

    I hope you realize I’m the only reason people still have you.

    Yours Truly,
    Super Smash Bros. Melee

  43. Dan
    6 April 2011

    Dear Newspaper Companies,


    The Internet

  44. Dan
    6 April 2011

    Dear Adolf Hitler,

    Good try!

    The Jews

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    7 April 2011

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  46. trips and tips
    7 April 2011

    i really like it.Very cool way to express sentences on Letters. So funny!

  47. Dennis P. Green
    7 April 2011

    Dear Fan,
    Sorry about the mess. Hope you’re not too upset.

  48. liomal
    9 April 2011

    do they actually sell this? come on! you can type this on your word processor and print it

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