on May 31, 2011

C’era un tizio chiamato Robert Verdi che aveva una collezione di foulard vintage di Hermes che Vans ha utilizzato per creare queste sneakers. Una storia che ci fa giungere alla conclusione che, qualche volta, l’unione degli opposti genera cose buone. Continua dentro.

There was a dude called Rober Verdi who had a collection of vintage scarfs by Hermes that Vans has used for create these sneakers. A story that makes us think that, sometimes, join the opposites create good stuff. More inside.


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  1. Altec Bucket Trucks
    3 June 2011

    nice and easy way to come out of the closet, all you have to do is wear this shoes and everyone will know what team you are batting for :D

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