Double Exposure Self-Portraits

da | 3/12/2013 | Creatività, Fotografia

Aneta Ivanova is a 21-years old photographer from Varna, Bulgaria. She started shooting experimental self-portraits at the age of 13 and has never stopped doing photography since then. Using a layered technique in Photoshop, Ivanova creates stunning double exposure portraits that blend together the beauty of architecture, nature and the human body.

Aneta Ivanova

Roma Gutierrez

I'm an art director and illustrator based in Granada, Spain. I'm also web developer and blogger. After studying Chemistry at the University I realized that the only thing I liked in the laboratory were colored solutions placed on the selves. So I decided to start studying Art, then Graphic Design and finally Advertising and PR. I'm addicted to any kind of art and creativity. I love photography, music, reading, writing, travelling… and have a passion for languages.



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