da | 20/12/2010 | Creatività

Dopo Jäger, app di scratching per iPhone, Jägermeister presenta Almeno 20: un’iniziativa di tipo social con la quale i partecipanti possono inviare una foto in compagnia dei loro amici e “congelarla” fino a raggiungere la temperatura ideale alla quale va servito Jägermeister.

After the iPhone scratching app Jäger, Jägermeister launch Almeno 20: a social initiative that allows participants to upload a photo with their friends and “freeze” it until reaching the ideal temperature at which Jägermeister must be served.

Fabio is an old-fashioned dreamer. He was one of those kids who always came home late at dinner after a city bike tour with friends, before biking became a status symbol. Clarks on his feet, sweater and shirt are his trademark and not a political label. At 16 years-old he was given a plane ticket to Texas, saying “go and learn as much as you can”. Since then, curiosity has always been the main feature that brings through everything. He does not follow trends even if he works for a prestigious School of Fashion in Milan. Today he is a marketing and communication expert, despite he daily asks himself on the real meaning of these two words. Waiting to be able to challenge with Peter Pan on finding elixir of life, Fabio spends his days developing projects with passion, optimism and energy. He pays each month taxes but is convinced that his real pension will be the online wine shop that updates sporadically due to which he now distinguishes table wine from a bottle of fine Barolo. He prefers Barbera to Chianti and Nero d’Avola.

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