Coupled è una raccolta di stampe grafiche di Safwat Saleem in cui l’artista usa linee semplici e pochi colori per rappresentare le relazioni complicate tra “coppie famose“. Calzini, lampade e teiere prendono vita per dire quello che proprio non ti aspetteresti.

Coupled is a series of graphic prints of Safwat Saleem in which the artist uses simple lines and few colors to represent difficult relationships between “famous couples”. Socks, lamps and teapots come to life to say what you would never expect from them.

Matteo Corrao is a management master student, DJ and electronic music producer. He loves travelling to discover different cultures and weird food. Other interests are graphic design and movies. Disruptive thinking is the core of everything he does, trying to give his personal mark in the different fields in which he works. After his last year of university in Mannheim (GER), he's going to move to Berlin, to begin his "adult" life.

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