Paper Technology

What if it was all paper? The serie Ordinary Behavior by Kevin Lck focuses on our electronic items, companions if you will. From an iPhone to a microwave, the illustrator depicts real life moments and day to day objects, using paper sculptures without the need to include the consumer. Do you get it?

E se fosse tutto di carta? La serie Ordinary Behavior di Kevin Lck vede come protagonisti i nostri amici elettronici di ogni giorno, dall’iPhone al microonde. L’illustratore ha voluto rappresentare, all’interno delle sue sculture cartacee, situazioni di vita quotidiana ma “senza di noi”. Avete colto il suo messaggio?

Kevin Lck’s portfolio


Francesca travels the world capturing life at the moment, preserving that time forever. She moved to Bristol in 2010, where she studied and learnt the basics but it wasn't till a year later where her main education took place. It was in the street of Bristol and it's vibrant art scene. She quickly became part of this country which led her to learn more about photography and much more.

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