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da | 10/07/2013 | Creatività, Design

How many types of counters do we know? The most common counters are used in several paying meters and also to show how much electricity and gas we have used. What if a counter was used to display something much more interesting? The French design studio Smiirl has released Fliike, a counter used to show, in real time, a businesses fan base. All you need is a socket, a wifi connection and your beloved Facebook page! If you don’t have 99.999 likes then don’t worry, be happy!

Quanti contatori conosciamo? I più noti sono quelli della luce e del gas ma prossimamente vedremo nei locali pubblici e in aziende, un vero e proprio contatore di like. Lo studio di design francese Smiirl ha realizzato Fliike, una scatola magica numerica che misura in tempo reale il vostro numero di fan! Basta essere dotati di una presa di corrente, una rete wifi e indubbiamente la vostra tanto apprezzata pagina Facebook! E se non arriverete a 99.999 like… Don’t worry! Be happy!

Francesca travels the world capturing life at the moment, preserving that time forever. She moved to Bristol in 2010, where she studied and learnt the basics but it wasn't till a year later where her main education took place. It was in the street of Bristol and it's vibrant art scene. She quickly became part of this country which led her to learn more about photography and much more.


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