Toy Part Sculptures

da | 25/06/2013 | Arte, Creatività

Freya Jobbins is an Australian artist who still loves to play with toys, although in a very particular way: she creates sculptures assembling parts of disused dolls, toy cars and action figures drawing inspiration from Toy Story trilogy, Greek mythology and Arcimboldo’s portraits, and exploring “the relationship between consumerist fetishism and the emerging recycling culture within the visual arts”.

Freya Jobbins è un’artista australiana a cui piace ancora giocare con i giocattoli, seppur in modo del tutto particolare: crea infatti sculture assemblando parti di vecchie bambole, macchinine e pupazzetti traendo ispirazione dalla trilogia di Toy Story ma anche dalla mitologia greca e dalle opere dell’Arcimboldo, esplorando “il rapporto tra il feticismo consumistico e la cultura del riciclo nelle arti visive”.

Freya Jobbins portfolio

Freelance graphic designer, illustrator, painter and decorator with an insane passion for art and design. She started drawing at the age of 2, inspired by Disney comics and cartoons, and never stopped since then. She also loves summer, poetry, orchids, weird jewelry, foreign languages. colourful make up, fashion magazines, art books, astronomy, electronic music and everything connected with the '80s. Her collection of books and food-shaped stuff is constantly expanding.

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