da | 25/06/2013 | Creatività, Fotografia

A set of photo manipulations of absolutely improbable objects by the Italian artist Giuseppe Colarusso, a sort of “surreal still life”. This project is an attempt to express thoughts and concepts related to the everyday life of the modern western man. In each object there is something missing or something more that disrupts the original concept. The artist’s goal is to make the people laugh and think at the same time.

Improbability è una serie di manipolazioni fotografiche di alcuni oggetti improbabili dell’italiano Giuseppe Colarusso, una sorta di “still life surreale”, come lui stesso definisce. Il progetto è un tentativo di esprimere alcuni concetti legati alla quotidianità dell’uomo occidentale moderno. In ciascun oggetto c’è qualcosa in meno o qualcosa in più che sconvolge il concetto originale. L’obiettivo dell’artista è strappare una risata e far pensare nel contempo.

Giuseppe Colarusso portfolio

Matteo Corrao is a management master student, DJ and electronic music producer. He loves travelling to discover different cultures and weird food. Other interests are graphic design and movies. Disruptive thinking is the core of everything he does, trying to give his personal mark in the different fields in which he works. After his last year of university in Mannheim (GER), he's going to move to Berlin, to begin his "adult" life.

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