Clothespin Hook

da | 30/09/2013 | Senza categoria

Pince Alors!” di Swabdesign è l’appendiabiti a forma di molletta che unisce originalità e funzionalità. Realizzato in una speciale resina termoresistente che permette di utilizzarlo anche all’esterno, è disponibile in sei colori trendy, perfetti per donare un tocco di moderna creatività ad ogni ambiente.

Pince Alors!” by Swabdesign is a coat hook in the shape of a clothespin which combines originality and functionality. Made from a special heat-resistant resin which allows outdoor use as well, it’s available in six trendy colours, perfect to add a touch of modern creativity to any ambiance.


Freelance graphic designer, illustrator, painter and decorator with an insane passion for art and design. She started drawing at the age of 2, inspired by Disney comics and cartoons, and never stopped since then. She also loves summer, poetry, orchids, weird jewelry, foreign languages. colourful make up, fashion magazines, art books, astronomy, electronic music and everything connected with the '80s. Her collection of books and food-shaped stuff is constantly expanding.

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