Ade Santora

da | 27/02/2014 | Fotografia

“Use your imagination” is Ade Santora‘s slogan, an Indonesian photography manipulation expert. The results are surreals and dark gothic pictures, decomposing and dissolving figures, double exposures, shadows play and a mysterious atmosphere that capture the mind of his followers on Instagram!

“Use your imagination” è lo slogan di Ade Santora, un fotografo indonesiano esperto di fotoritocco. Nascono così scatti surreali e gotici, figure che si scompongono e si dissolvono, doppie esposizioni, giochi d’ombre e un’atmosfera misteriosa che cattura la mente dei suoi followers su Instagram!

Ade Santora portfolio
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Francesca travels the world capturing life at the moment, preserving that time forever. She moved to Bristol in 2010, where she studied and learnt the basics but it wasn't till a year later where her main education took place. It was in the street of Bristol and it's vibrant art scene. She quickly became part of this country which led her to learn more about photography and much more.

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