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Holiday shopping got you stressed? Here we have all you need. A gift guide full of original and unique ideas. The coffee mug for your sleepyheads friends, the yummy sushi candles for the Japanese cooking lovers, the winter edition of your favourite camera for make your winter day more hot, and much more creative gifts purchasable online! Share the guide using the hashtag #PICAME and enjoy your shopping!

Stress da regali? Ecco per voi una mini guida ricca di idee originali e uniche. La tazza perfetta per gli amici dormiglioni, le gustose candele sushi per gli amanti della cucina giapponese, l’edizione invernale della tua fotocamera preferita per scaldare le giornate più fredde e molti altri regali originali e creativi acquistabili online! Condividi la guida usando l’hashtag #PICAME e inizia la tua caccia al regalo!

Coffee Mug by Happy Jackson / € 8,56
Because coffee makes you smile.
Una tazza, una quantità infinita di caffè e tanti cucchiai di felicità.

Metal Antler Shield by Oakroomshop / € 32,99
A stunning metal antler shield chosen to display for decoration or used for hanging coats, bags, jewellery or accessories.
Originale appendiabiti dal design finnico.

Popsicle Notebook by Futureandfound / £ 12 (€ 15)
Yummy notebooks shaped like a lolly. A funny way to remember your most important dates.
Notebook a forma di lecca lecca. Un modo gustoso per ricordare gli appuntamenti più importanti.

Fausto Coppi’s Calendar 2014 / € 16
A charity project dedicated to the great Italian champion
Un progetto benefico dedicato al Campionissimo

Smartphone Film Scanner by Lomography / € 59
Easy and clever way to scan your negatives and works perfectly with your smartphone.
Una soluzione semplice e veloce per scansionare e condividere le tue foto.

Ctrl Alt Del Keyboard Coffee Cup by The Gadget Flow / $ 9 (€ 7)
A cup of coffee plus your favorite three keyboard keys! The perfect combo.
Tre tazze e le chiavi Ctrl Alt Del del nostro computer. Una pausa caffè tecnologica.

Cloud Coat Hangers by Tea Pea / $ 15 (€ 10)
Use these cloud coathangers to display your favourite outfit.
Grucce a forma di nuvola per il vostro outfit preferito.

Calligraphuck / € 9
Festive Christmas wrapping paper from UK based Caligraphuck. “A FABULOUS GIFT FOR A FABULOUS BITCH”.

La Sardina and Flash St. Moritz by Lomography Store / € 99
The winter pastime for the coldest days.
Il passatempo invernale per i giorni più freddi.

TheQ Camera / $ 199 (€ 145)
Available in nine tasty colors TheQ Camera is designed for sharing every moment on our favourites social network. And it is waterproof too.
Disponibile in nove gustosi colori, consente con un solo click di condividere ogni attimo nei nostri social network preferiti. Ed è pure waterproof.

I Probably Hate You Scarf by Lazy Oaf / £ 16,50 (€ 20)
Based on old school football scarfs and designed by Steak MTN for Beach London it will make your friends feel jealous.
Sciarpa firmata Lazy Oaf che tutti i vostri amici odieranno.. O ameranno!

Lazy Oaf Card List Card / £ 1,38 (€ 1,70)
Congratulations! You are still on my Xmas card list.
Congratulazioni! Fai ancora parte della mia Christmas Card List.

Eat Your Art Out Book by IdaFrosk / $ 22 (€ 16)
Heartwarming book by Norwegian artist Ida Skivenes, who creatively attests that the kitchen is the very exposition of art.
Libro geniale della fotografa norvegese Ida Skivenes che con la sua creatività ha allestito nella sua cucina un’esposizione di opere d’arte.

Sushi Candle Set $ 15,95 (€ 12)
Made from 100 percent pure beeswax sheets, each sushi candle is rolled, shaped, or folded by hand.
Realizzata con cera d’api, ogni sushi candela è stata rotolata e piegata a mano.

I Can’t Sleep Guided Journal / $ 16 (€ 12)
Why can’t you sleep? Let’s make sleepless nights fun.
Soffrite d’insomnia? Questo libro contiene frasi provocatorie che rendono le notti più divertenti e sopportabili.

Cocktail Tea Towel by Crispin Finn / £ 12 (€ 15)
“The bitters are excellent for your liver, the gin is bad for you. Together they balance each other”.

Optimono Jasper Birdseye Sunglasses by Mahonki / € 129
Those sunglasses have a strong and stout sense of feeling and fit and they come with a soft case too.
Jasper Birdseye Maple combina influenze classiche e ricche di fantasia. Il risultato? Unico ed interessante.

Cornet by Woouf! / € 160
Let’s have a nap!
Andiamo a fare un pisolino?

Nixon & Kate Spade Saturday Time Teller Watch / $ 85 (€ 62)
A limited edition collaboration of the uncommonly cool.
Nixon & Kate Spade. Una collaborazione esclusiva!

Grow Love With Me by Yoko Ono / £ 20 (€ 24)
A magic bean that grows to reveal the word love.
Un fagiolo magico e un messaggio d’amore. Love.

My Travels World Map by Children Inspire Design $ 50 (€ 37)
Use the posters to plan your future trips as well as capture where you’ve been.
Utilizza i poster per pianificare i tuoi viaggi futuri e per catturare, tramite gli appositi adesivi, i viaggi ormai passati ma ricchi di ricordi.

Jot Smartpen by Equil / $ 149,99 (€ 109)
The seamless way to digitize your thoughts.
Un modo per digitalizzare i vostri pensieri.


More gift soon! 

Francesca travels the world capturing life at the moment, preserving that time forever. She moved to Bristol in 2010, where she studied and learnt the basics but it wasn't till a year later where her main education took place. It was in the street of Bristol and it's vibrant art scene. She quickly became part of this country which led her to learn more about photography and much more.


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